SfunCube is the world’s only incubator and accelerator dedicated to solar. Our mission is to support solar entrepreneurs to succeed. We are an epicenter of solar innovation in the heart of the Bay Area. Entrepreneurs working to spread solar with smart software, finance, and analytic solutions are housed and given the resources to scale.

SfunCube Thin Film Solar Design Hack

FRIDAY, MAY 1  |  9AM – 9PM

Design your own solar-powered product with cash prizes! SfunCube Solar Incubator and Accelerator in Oakland, partnered with Hanergy, are hosting the Thin FIlm Solar Awards, a solar design competition using thin film photovoltaics to spur innovation of solar-powered products. The purpose of this event on Friday, May 1 is to inspire solutions and catalyze submissions for this competition. Bring a laptop with your design tool of choice.

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A solar-powered future

By Hanergy, recently acquiring three Silicon Valley based thin-film photovoltaic technology companies and leading the way to a solar-powered future.

Thin-Film Solar Awards

With $600,000 in prizes, SfunCube Solar Incubator and Hanergy has partnered to catalyze submissions for use of thin-film photovoltaic technology to revolutionize use and applications of thin-film in personal electronics to transportation design.

How Solar Works

By Alta Devices. A manufacturer and innovator of thin-film photovoltaic material. Acquired by Hanergy, whom is partnered in the Thin Film Solar Awards.

Day 3 Program

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Day 1
29 Apr 2015
Day 2
30 Apr 2015
Day 3
01 May 2015
Day 4
02 May 2015
Day 5
03 May 2015

Tour of Zero Net Energy Center


Natalie Schaefer

Welcome to San Leandro

Mayor Pauline Cutter
Deborah Acosta

Cal Poly Solar Decathlon House Presentation

Erik Pinuelas
Jacob Ruiz
Lisa Marie-Mueller

Tour of Zero Net Energy Center

The State of Solar

Danny Kennedy

My Solar Startup

Michael Palmquist
Elena Lucas
John Bourne

Introduction to the Thin-Film Solar Awards

Anil Vijayendran
Kevin Chen
Andrew Chang
12:00 - 13:00


Design Hackathon

Sketch, draw, design, photoshop, powerpoint, paint, watercolor! While we prefer a digital graphic submission for the Thin Film Solar Awards, we encourage you to use what you feel most comfortable...
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Pitch Perfect by Roy Terry P.D. (Pitch Doctor)

Silicon Valley is filled with innovators passionate to create the future. Most will fail. Sometimes it’s a faulty idea. Just as often it’s a good idea that others don’t understand....
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Roy Terry

Judging + Solar Champion Awardees

Stephen Leist
Emily Kirsch
Espen Sivertsen
Deborah Acosta
19:00 - 21:00

Solar Hangout

Solar Speedhack

This will be a guided program where participants will “speed-date” to share and learn ideas from each other. There is no particular knowledge or experience required to participate. Participants typically leave inspired and...
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This will be a guided program where participants will split into groups. Each group will have a designated Tweeter provided with a laptop and pre-made Twitter account. The host will...
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Street Smarts

Felipe Cano
12:15- 13:00


Data Innovation

John Matranga

The Energy Internet

Valerio Vadacchino

Roundtable Hack

This will be a guided program where participants will rejoin as larger groups to integrate conversations from the smaller break-out groups to further expand on the discussion.


This program rejoins all participants to review and share the open-data Tweets created from the event program.

Close and Networking

Opening Roundtable

A loose discussion expanding on yesterday’s Smart City San Leandro Hack.


Hacking yesterday’s Tweet data from the Smart City San Leandro hack to integrate into a plan for a Smart Grid implementation plan.
12:00 - 13:00



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